Caricias & Besos Children’s Wear Collection

Caricias & Besos Collection

Soft and warm outfits from the Autumn/Winter Collection for babies, boys and girls.

Children’s knitwear with adorable floral prints in powder pink.


J8062 Set Knitted Gaiter Set With Lace Bow Hat

J8040 Set White Tie Knitted Gaiter Set with Hat

J8010 Shawl

J8184 Set Floral Flounce Flounce Cardigan Knitted

J8157 Knitted Floral Dress

J8217 Knitted Hat and Scarf with Pompoms

J8055 Set Floral Collared Knitted Gaiter with Hat

J8074 Knitted Froggy Set with Hat

J8089 Set Floral Knitted Frock with Pompoms

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