newborn baby clothes

Newborn clothes

Welcome to the sweet world of the first days of life, where every detail counts and every garment is a hug. At Juliana, we are dedicated to designing newborn baby clothes that not only meet the highest standards of quality and comfort, but also embrace every moment with tenderness and style.

The first coat of love: the importance of making the right choice of newborn clothing

The arrival of a baby is a life-changing event, and choosing their first outfit is more than a necessity; it’s a ceremony. Juliana’s newborn baby clothes are designed to ensure that those first days are as comfortable and beautiful as they are memorable. Our garments are soft to the touch, safe for sensitive skin and beautifully designed to celebrate new life.

Our newborn clothes : Features

Soft and safe fabrics

To manufacture our newborn clothes, Juliana only uses fabrics that meet international standards of safety and comfort. Our organic cottons, high quality knits and hypoallergenic fabrics care for your baby’s skin as he or she enters the world.

Practical and elegant designs

From easy-to-wear overalls to snap-button bodysuits, our newborn clothing is designed to make parents’ lives easier without compromising on style. Each piece reflects Juliana’s aesthetic: soft colors, delicate patterns and charming details.

baby knitted clothes

How to choose newborn baby clothes

When selecting clothing for your newborn baby it is essential to consider the following:

Comfort and Safety: Clothes should be easy to put on and take off, with simple and secure fasteners, avoiding elements that may cause discomfort or be a risk for the baby, such as large buttons or loose ribbons.

Suitable fabrics: Opt for soft, breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics, such as organic cotton or knitwear to protect baby’s skin and keep it free from irritation.

Proper Fit: Clothing should not be too tight or too loose. Proper fit allows the baby to move freely without restriction.

Practicality: Select garments that are easy to wash and maintain, considering that newborn clothes require frequent washing due to spills and constant changes.

Aesthetics and Design: In addition to being functional, clothing can be aesthetically pleasing, with soft colors and delicate patterns that reflect the innocence and sweetness of the newborn.

Explore our collections, where each piece is imbued with love and care. We offer a variety of styles ranging from complete sets to essential accessories like beanies and blankets, all coordinated to ensure your little one looks and feels wonderful.

Why choose knitted baby clothes?

At Juliana we know that baby knitwear offers unparalleled comfort. Here’s why our spanish knitted baby clothes are the best choice for your little one:

Softness and comfort

Knitted baby clothing stands out for its softness, providing exceptional comfort. This flexible fabric fits perfectly, allowing your baby to move freely and always feel comfortable.

2. Breathability

Our knitted baby clothes are highly breathable, taking care of your child’s sensitive skin. Helps regulate body temperature, ensuring your baby is cool or warm as needed.

3. Durability and easy maintenance

Knitted baby clothes are durable and easy to maintain. It withstands multiple washings without losing quality, and is easy to care for without ironing, ideal for your baby’s active daily life.

4. Variety of styles and colors

We offer a wide range of styles and colors in baby knitwear. From sweaters to blankets, each garment combines practicality with modern trends, ensuring your baby always looks adorable.

5. Security

We prioritize safety in our knitted baby clothing, avoiding small accessories and ensuring that each garment meets the highest safety standards.

New born clothes according to sociologists

Sociologists often analyze baby clothes from various cultural and social perspectives, suggesting that the clothes we choose for babies may reflect and perpetuate gender norms, economic status and social expectations.

Clothing can be seen as a form of early socialization, where even simple choices such as color or style can influence how children are perceived and expectations about their behavior. In addition, children’s clothing can also be a means of expressing parents’ individuality and aspirations.

New born clothing influences baby’s emotions

From a pediatric point of view, dressing a baby can significantly influence its emotional state and behavior. Babies are very sensitive to touch and sensation, so knitwear, organic cotton and soft, comfortable fabrics can make them feel safe and secure, reducing crying and fussiness.

In contrast, clothes that are rough, tight or restrict movement can cause discomfort and anxiety, affecting their peace of mind.

It is essential to choose clothing that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and suitable for the baby’s sensitive skin, thus facilitating better emotional and physical development.

Our newborn baby clothes, a commitment to sustainability

At Juliana, we are committed not only to the little ones who wear our knitted, cotton or organic baby clothes, but also to the world they will inherit. Our newborn baby clothing is produced sustainably, using practices that respect the environment and ensure a greener future.

Sustainability in baby fashion is an increasingly important focus in the textile industry, as it not only considers the health and safety of the little ones, but also cares for the environment they will inherit. This approach encompasses several key aspects:

  1. Eco-friendly materials: Sustainable baby fashion uses materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, merino wool and natural dyes, which are renewable and biodegradable. These materials are grown without pesticides or harmful chemical fertilizers, reducing pollution and preserving soil and water quality.
  2. Responsible Production Processes: We directly or indirectly employ production methods that minimize water and energy waste. This includes techniques such as the use of solar energy, recycling water in the dyeing process and minimizing textile waste through efficient design.
  3. Labor Ethics: Sustainability also involves ethical labor practices, ensuring that workers involved in the manufacture of baby clothes receive fair wages, work in safe and respectful conditions, and have adequate labor rights.
  4. Durability and Longevity: Garments designed under sustainable criteria are usually of higher quality, which allows them to last longer and can be inherited among siblings or friends, reducing the need to constantly buy new clothes.
  5. Green Packaging and Distribution: We use recycled or biodegradable packaging and optimize distribution logistics to reduce the carbon footprint associated with product transportation.
newborn clothes

Promoting sustainability in baby fashion not only protects the planet, but also educates new generations about the importance of living responsibly and respecting the environment from the earliest years of life.