Los Renos de Noé Children’s Wear Collection

Los Renos de Noé Collection

Soft and warm outfits from the Autumn/Winter Collection for babies, boys and girls.

Warm and cosy children’s garments with check and reindeer prints in moss green, red and white tones.


J8080 Set Ranita Plaid Knitted Sweater Knitted Reindeer

J8243 Knitted Hat with Pompom

J8119 Set Reindeer Knitted romper set

J8114 Set Plaid romper set

J8198 Knitted Coat with Hood

J8147 Plaid Knit Dress

J8255 Plaid Headband with Pompom

J8135 Set Plaid Knitted romper set

J8237 Knitted Socks with Pompoms

J8143 Set Plaid Playsuit with Pompoms

J8168 Plaid Dress with Bow

J8240 Knitted Socks with Bow

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