Children’s clothing collection Setas de Otoño

Setas de Otoño Collection

Soft and warm outfits from the Autumn/Winter Collection for babies, boys and girls.

Autumnal children’s garments with mushroom prints in warm rioja tones.


J8091 Set Ranita Setas Knitted with Pompoms

J8022 Shawl

J8159 Knitted Mushroom Dress with Bonnet

J8129 Set Setas Knitted Knitted Knitted Mushroom romper with Pompoms and Bonnet

J8193 Set Knitted Mushroom Knitted Cardigan Gaiters

J8257 Headband Setas Knitted with Pompons

J8096 Knitted Ruffle Fancy Dress Set

J8241 Beret

J8174 Setas Dress with Pompoms

J8238 Socks with Bow

J8198 Knitted Coat with Hood

J8167 Rioja Mushroom Dress with Pompom

J8142 Set Rioja Mushrooms with Pompom

J8064 Knitted Rhombus Gaiters Set

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