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Dressing children properly in the hot season is essential so that the high temperatures do not affect their little bodies.

Today we would like to give you a few recommendations on how to make your children look stylish in their clothes and keep them cool and protected from the hot springtime that is already noticeable.

The new We Love Summer! Collection from Juliana for the spring summer 23 is inspired by lovely motifs and seafaring settings. Enjoy the outdoors!

Recommendations on how to choose children’s clothes in the spring and the summer

The ideal clothes to dress children in when it gets hot must be comfortable, easy to put on and take off and they must be made of soft, natural fabrics like cotton. Cotton absorbs the sweat from the skin and lets it breathe.

Furthermore the little clothes should not be too tight, because children stay cooler in looser clothes, which are comfortable for them to move around in all day long.

White is perfect for the hot season

White is a very popular colour in the spring and the summer because of its reflective properties. White clothes help children maintain a good body temperature, because white reflects the sun and it does not absorb the heat.

The Llevant Collection from Juliana has a wide variety of cheerful children’s outfits with fishing trim in blue and white. An ideal line for the summer vibe.

We love the fish from the Llevant Collection!

The gorgeous print of this summery collection is very simple and yet, it conveys elegance in all its pieces. A white fabric with light blue lines is the seabed for the little fish in blue tones that are all over the fabric.

Boys and girls will be well dressed with a fabulous seafaring air when they go out to the park, for a walk on the beach or to the restaurant. A perfect collection to dress children in during the hot season.

Bodysuit with a T-shirt for boys

An original design that has a short sleeved T-shirt with a mandarin collar and a matching bodysuit in intense blue. An outfit that is slightly reminiscent of the traditional style of imperial China with its mandarin collar and the denim style blue tones.

Elegant dresses with little fish for girls

We have also designed various dress models in the fun print of the Llevant collection for girls.

  • Dress with a knitted body and a frill collar. A beautiful sleeveless dress with the top part in navy blue knit and the little skirt with blue scalloped edging and a frill on the bottom.
  • Frilly dress with the same scalloped edging and a big navy blue flower on the waist. An elegant design to wear on those special summer occasions.

How to dress newborns in high temperatures

Babies do not regulate the temperature of their little bodies very well, which is why you have to pay special attention to the clothes that you must put them in. If it cools down and gets a bit chilly you have to wrap them up in a shawl and put a bonnet on them and make sure that they are never in direct sunlight.

Choose practical clothes that are easy to put on and take off so that it is easy to change them and make sure they are comfortable. Babygrows and bodysuits are the best options for the hot season.

Colección Ropa Infantil Llevant Conjunto Ranita Punto Peces y Conjunto Pelele Tirantes PecesFish bodysuit with straps for babies

Cotton T-shirt with little bows and a matching bodysuit

On the sunniest days it is a good idea to dress babies in thin, sleeveless T-shirts and leave their little legs out in the open. The delightful white cotton T-shirt has a strip in the centre with little fish fabric and two big dark blue bows on the wide shoulder straps. A piece that you will use the whole summer because it is so light and comfortable.

The T-shirt goes with a bodysuit with fish on it from the Llevant collection, which creates a traditional and comfortable look.

The coolest collection from Juliana, ideal for the hot season

The blue shawl from the Llevant Collection is made in very light knitted fabric, which is perfect to wrap babies in while they rest in the shade. It protects them from any drafts that can surprise us at dusk, when the sun goes down.

The new collection from Juliana We Love Summer! will accompany you during the hottest time of the year.

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