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The time has come to prepare the baby clothes for celebrations. Those outfits that we need for the most elegant celebrations: weddings, first communions, baptisms… and we all choose the trendiest fashion to enjoy those very special moments with the family and friends. Babies are stylish too in the springtime events!

The new Juliana We Love Summer! collection is full of adorable models for girls and boys, from newborns to four years old: outfits, dresses and accessories that will give the little guests that distinguished look at the family celebrations.

Children’s fashion for day ceremonies

When it comes to deciding what the most suitable clothing is for babies, some important factors have to be taken into account to make sure that the children are comfortable and look great and trendy at the same time.

Baby outfits for springtime parties

The spring ceremonies and celebrations usually go on for a large part of the day and it is essential to be ready for an unexpected temperature change at dusk. Furthermore, the majority of restaurants and function rooms available for events have an outdoor play area. It is important that the children are prepared so that they can play outside all day without being hot or cold in the evening.

Migjorn, a gorgeous collection in tones of aqua green and white

The Migjorn Collection is a simple and very elegant line of knitwear designed to keep newborns at the right temperature in their outfits made of comfortable and breathable fabric when they go to the baptisms of other babies, first communions or weddings.

The finesse of the soft aqua green colour is unique. Not only is it a warm and sweet colour, it is also very original to dress babies in for these festive occasions. The aqua green colour is unisex and it looks great on boys and girls.

Aqua Green knitted Two Piece with a Bonnet

The top part of this wonderful knitted outfit is divided by lovely lace trim. The trim with scalloped edging on the cuffs and on the bottom hem makes them look so cute, like little elves.

The beanie style hat is also made of knitted fabric in the same aqua green colour that is used in the whole collection, and it rounds off a romantic outfit for the events of this spring to perfection.

White and Aqua Green Two Piece Bodysuit

A darling that combines aqua green and white tones. The top part is white, with very thin horizontal ribbons in aqua green; discover the surprise of a beautiful little green bow with trim. The bodysuit is entirely made of aqua green knitted fabric, which rounds off this delightful outfit for babies with style.

Essential accessories for ceremonies

The Migjorn Collection is impressive with its knitted accessories that enhance a divine look. Choose among the different knitted shawls that match the other pieces of the collection, so that your baby looks gorgeous during the ceremony.

White striped shawl with aqua green trim

A very delicate wonder to wrap babies up in and protect them when they go out for walks in their pram. The shawl has been finished off with a large strip of aqua green lace trim and a little satin bow.

Full shawl in aqua green knitted fabric

A beautiful piece with openwork along the whole length that will always keep your baby warm but not too hot. It is also decorated with a big aqua green satin bow.

Children’s fashion for the wedding procession

At Juliana we think of all those happy occasions that babies will be part of this spring. The lovely custom of dressing children in matching clothes as they walk up the aisle with the wedding rings moves us all.

In our spring summer collection We Love Summer! There are lots of baby clothes options for celebrations. Bear in mind the weather, the place and the type of event that the little ones are invited to when you choose their outfits. If the celebration is more casual you can choose more casual clothes, which are just as elegant, such as the three coloured striped dresses from the Varadero Collection.

Remember to round off the ceremony look of the girls and boys with matching bows, headbands or bow ties to go with the chosen outfit. Dress your festive babies in the exclusive designs from Juliana!

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