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Stylish Children’s Apparel: Levante and Advocat Collections

Stylish Children's Apparel

This summer we are launching Levante and Advocat. Two exceptional collections of Stylish Children’s Apparel ideal for special moments and events.

Levante and Advocat combine tradition and design with a touch of unique charm. At Juliana, each collection is an ode to delicacy and style, specially designed so that the little ones always look perfect.

Levante and Advocat, Stylish Children’s Apparel

The Levante collection brings color and joy to your little one’s summer closet, while the Advocat collection offers classic elegance with a nautical touch. Both collections demonstrate Juliana’s commitment to high quality children’s fashion, offering garments that combine style and comfort for any special occasion. Let’s dive into them:

Levante: Color and Joy in the Summertime

Juliana’s Levante collection is a celebration of the Mediterranean summer, with vibrant hues ranging from reddish orange to soft bows and pompoms. Each garment is designed to bring freshness and vitality, without neglecting comfort and style.

– Pompon dress (Ref. 24130): A dress full of charm, adorned with pompoms, ideal for summer evenings.
– Panty Set (Ref. 24083): A delicate set with elegant details, perfect for any occasion.
– Blanket (Ref. 24017): Soft and cozy, ideal for cool nights.
– Bodysuit (Ref. 24163): Comfortable and stylish, perfect for everyday wear.
– Knit dress (Ref. 24113): A classic knit dress that stands out for its sophistication.
– Headband (Ref. 24230): The perfect complement to any outfit.
– Dress with bows and panties (Ref. 24124): Elegant and delicate, ideal for special events.

Advocat: Charming Maritime Style

Juliana’s Advocat collection dresses innocence with a charming sailor style, perfect for spring days. With a combination of plaid and red tones, each garment brings a timeless and elegant look.

– Plaid romper with Red Dot (Ref. 24166): A classic romper with a modern twist.
– Plaid Headband (Ref. 24244): Perfect complement to complete any outfit.
– Red knitted jacket (Ref. 24212): Brings warmth and style.
– Plaid Dress with Red Dot (Ref. 24103): Elegance and comfort in one garment.
– Set Red Knitted T-shirt with Fanny Pack (Ref. 24078): Versatile and comfortable, ideal for events.
– Plaid Dress (Ref. 24121): A classic plaid dress.
– Dress with blue bows (Ref. 24131): Details that make the difference.
– Plaid romper (Ref. 24197): Comfort and style in one garment.
– Sailor Scarf romper (Ref. 24171): Sailor style and comfort.
– Set with skirt (Ref. 24191): Elegant and perfect for any occasion.
– T-shirt and Scarf Set (Ref. 24182): Modern and fresh, ideal for summer.

Elegance and Quality in Every Garment

At Juliana, we believe that every garment should be a perfect combination of style and functionality. Our Levante and Advocat collections are testament to our commitment to high quality children’s fashion, offering stylish children’s clothing that is perfect for any special occasion.

Transform Every Moment into Something Special

With Juliana, dressing the little ones for special moments has never been so simple or so elegant. From the vibrant Levante collection to the charming Advocat sailor style, each garment is designed to make your little one look impeccable at any event.