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Nautical style for babies. Ambolo Collection

Nautical style for babies

The arrival of summer invites us to dream of the sea, and what better way to celebrate it than dressing the little ones with the freshness and style of the Ambolo Collection.

Inspired by maritime adventures, this Juliana collection offers a palette of deep blue and white, creating a nautical look perfect for your baby’s first discoveries.

A Nautical Style Trip for Babies

Hugging and Protective Knitwear

The Ambolo Collection is distinguished by its exclusive use of knitted fabrics, carefully selected to guarantee comfort and protection. These garments not only protect little bodies but also allow them to move freely, accompanying every laugh and every new step with safety and style.

Marine Details on Every Garment

From ensembles adorned with embroidered sailor chains to soft bodies and tights with matching beanies, each piece reflects exceptional attention to detail. Reference 24072, for example, features a chain and panty set that is both stylish and practical, ideal for outdoor play days or an afternoon stroll on the beach.

Accessories to Complete the Look

No detail is neglected in the Ambolo Collection. The blanket (reference 24001) and the set with white collar (reference 24062) are examples of how each accessory is designed to complement the wardrobe, providing not only style but also functionality and comfort.

In addition, headbands and beanies are designed to protect babies from the summer sun, ensuring that every adventure is safe and enjoyable.

The Ambolo Collection, a History of Sea and Style

We invite all families to embark on this stylish journey with the Ambolo Collection. Designed specifically for babies who are just beginning to discover the world, this line not only offers high quality nautical baby clothing, but also fosters an early bond with the beauty and mystery of the ocean.

Explore the complete collection on our website and find the perfect outfit for your little sailor or sailor girl to live their best moments this summer. At Juliana, every detail tells a story, and with the Ambolo Collection, that story is full of waves, learning and illusions.

Find out more and let your little ones sail in style with our Juliana baby nautical style, where every day is a new adventure at sea.