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Baby sets: Racó del Corb and Postiguet

Baby outfits

When it comes to newborn baby outfits, every detail counts because the comfort of our little ones is the most important thing.

At Juliana, we understand that the first months of a baby’s life are essential, and that is why we have created the “Racó del Corb” and “Postiguet” collections, designed to offer maximum comfort and style from day one.

These collections combine the necessary delicacy for the skin of newborns with charming designs that reflect the essence of summer on the coast of Alicante.

Baby Sets: Racó del Corb Collection

A Sea of Comfort and Style

The “Racó del Corb” collection is inspired by the calm blue of the Mediterranean Sea, making it the protagonist of each piece.

From bodysuits with straps to complete outfits with tights and hats, these baby outfits for the summer are designed to wrap babies in an unparalleled softness that accompanies every movement and discovery.

Details that Make a Difference

– **Reference 24203**: Strapless bodysuit, perfect for the hottest days.
– **References 24052 and 24056**: White and blue sets with tights and hats, ideal for any occasion.
– **Reference 24012**: Matching blanket, ideal for outdoor walks or comforting naps.

Baby outfits: Postiguet Collection

Brighten Every Smile with Vibrant Shades

Postiguet, known for its emblematic sun and beach atmosphere, is reflected in this collection that brings bright colors and cheerful prints to children’s fashion.

The jackets, bodysuits and outfits are designed not only to be aesthetically appealing, but also to offer the comfort babies need to play and grow happily.

Key pieces of the Collection

– **References 24155 and 24064**: Bodysuits and panty sets, each designed for fun-filled days of activity.
– **Reference 24214**: Short jacket, perfect for summer breezes.

Comfort and Style at Every Stage

Juliana’s“Racó del Corb” and “Postiguet” collections are designed with children and their unique needs during the first years of life in mind.

Each garment is a testament to Juliana’s commitment to quality and thoughtful design, ensuring that every baby not only looks adorable, but also feels comfortable and happy.

We invite you to explore these collections on our website and choose the perfect one for your baby.

At Juliana, we believe that every garment should celebrate the joy and innocence of childhood, while giving parents peace of mind that their babies are dressed in the best.