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Our Christmas collections

Our Christmas collections

Hello everybody! We are Juliana Vistiendo Bebés, a Spanish children’s fashion brand. Although it sounds incredible, we are already in the middle of October and, as you know, December is approaching faster and faster. That’s why today we want to talk to you about our Christmas collections and how you can prepare yourselves for these special dates.

Christmas is a time full of joy, love, presents and lots of magic. As a children’s clothing company, we know that our little ones also want to wear their best outfits for these occasions.

Discover our Christmas collections

At Juliana Vistiendo Bebés, we care about offering high quality children’s fashion, design and unique tailoring. That’s why our Christmas collections are no exception. Every year, we focus on designing and producing clothes that adapt to the Christmas season without losing the essence and quality of our brand. In our children’s fashion catalogue, you will find Christmas themed garments such as reindeer, red and green colours, coats, boots, dresses and much more.

Alas para Volar

Los Renos de Noé

Sueños de Navidad 

In addition, as suppliers of wholesale children’s clothing in Spain, we work with shops that buy our garments to distribute them in different cities and establishments. We know that each shop has its own style, and that is why in our Christmas collections you will find a wide variety of garments adapted to different styles. From more classic and elegant outfits to more modern and fun outfits. In this way, each shop can offer a wide variety to its customers and parents can find the perfect outfit for every occasion.

Find the perfect gift

Not only do we focus on our Christmas collections, but we also understand the importance of gifts at this time of the year. That’s why in our catalogue you can also find different gift options that are included in our Christmas collections, such as baby clothes, knitted shawls in every collection and much more. At this time of the year it is important to consider gift giving, and what could be better than giving something from Juliana Vistiendo Bebés.

We are proud to be a wholesale children’s clothing manufacturer, as our garments reach different parts of Spain and the world. We make sure that each garment is designed and produced to the highest standards of quality and children’s fashion. For this reason, we work with suppliers of high quality materials and we have a team of tailors and embroiderers who take care of every detail in the production of our garments.

Christmas with Juliana Dressing Babies: our christmas collections

As a Spanish children’s clothing brand, we know that Christmas is an important and special time for everyone. From Juliana Vistiendo Bebés we want to be there at every moment, offering our customers and shops different options for children’s fashion and gifts. Beyond being a children’s clothing company, we focus on providing a complete service and that each garment has the quality, design and details needed.

We hope you like our Christmas collections as much as we do and that you can enjoy these holidays with all the magic and Christmas details that Juliana Vistiendo Bebés has prepared for you. Happy holidays in advance!