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Knitwear for babies from our new spring catalogue includes warm, comfy clothes that are ideal for the months when it still gets a bit chilly.

The new spring/summer 23 collection from Juliana We love Summer! is full of knitwear, made with soft, very lovely and light materials.

Get the perfect temperature with knitwear for babies

Knitwear is a good option for the midseason months when you don’t know how the day is going to end. It might be colder in the morning and sunny in the afternoon, so your baby must be dressed accordingly to cope with the unpredictable temperature changes.

The knitted fabric is breathable and light, but, it also keeps your newborn baby nice and warm and protected from the elements.

The new Juliana collection We Love Summer! is, undoubtedly, a collection for outdoors to enjoy. How we love the spring!

Saona Collection, elegant knitwear for newborns

Keep your newborn baby warm and cool with the spring clothing and knitwear designed to enjoy the coolness of the outdoors. Make the most of the final days of winter to show off the new season of knitwear for babies.

The Saona Collection brings together classic knitwear made in very soft tones. Beige and white are combined like never before to create an effect of incredible sweetness.

Beige two piece outfits with white lace and a bonnet

There are two beige jumper and legging outfits in this elegant collection, with different designs that come with a matching knitted bonnet.

  • Jumper with openwork on the front and a wonderful white lace frill on the bottom hem. Very elegant knitwear that lets babies move around freely. The jumper is finished off with lace trim that is so cute, it looks like a little skirt and it goes wonderfully with the knitted leggings that are made in a matching tone of beige.
  • Jumper with two rows of buttons that decorate the front and lovely lace trim around the collar. A classic two piece outfit, which is perfect for both genders of newborns. Each piece of knitwear in this collection has wonderful details, such as the scalloped edging that finishes off the bottom hem of the jumper or the lace trim that is sewn on the collar. Extremely elegant and refined!

Classic knitwear in white for newborns

The Saona Collection dresses newborns in the classic tradition of white  knitwear.

  • White knitted two piece outfit with a bonnet, ideal for any occasion. A lovely knitted outfit, ideal for the springtime changes, which consists in an openwork knit jumper designed to make nappy changing easy thanks to its side opening with a button. It also comes with a pair of white leggings, a very light and cool option to go outdoors without having to worry about the cold.

The scalloped edging on the cuffs and on the hem of the jumper, knitted in very pretty openwork, gives movement to the whole outfit. The matching bonnet is an absolute must to protect babies from the cold and the sun.

Keep your baby cool and comfortable with Juliana knitwear

Knitwear must fit their little bodies properly; it shouldn’t be too tight or cause chaffing if it is too loose. Make sure you choose the right size of knitwear so that your newborn feels comfortable and can move freely.

If you need any advice on how to choose knitwear for your baby and what size you should choose, please get in touch with us. We will be delighted to help you.

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