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The Vichy checks, such typical features of the 50s fashion, make their way into our spring catalogue in a fabulous turquoise blue tone.

The spring/summer 23 collection We love Summer! amazes us with an incredible range of bright colours and the revival of traditional prints that we all remember with great enthusiasm.

Vichy checks, the fashion for this spring

The Ipanema Collection from Juliana is really brilliant. The innovative patterns of dresses, dungarees and bodysuits are combined with the Vichy check fabric and lots of style, a design that never goes out of fashion.

The famous Vichy check is cotton fabric with small uniform checks in white and another colour that becomes the protagonist. In our new Ipanema Collection, the wonderful turquoise blue colour has been chosen to take spring to a heavenly sea of happiness and high spirits.

All mums remember the clothes from our childhood

The Ipanema Collection preserves the unmistakable magic and style of the little Vichy checks that we have all worn at some time. Seeing the beauty of this traditional cut collection, revamped with modern patterns and up-to-date trim makes you want to go back to childhood to be able to wear the gorgeous outfits made with the iconic fabric that originated in France, which was made for the very first time in the town of Vichy.

Girls at the height of fashion

This spring, fashion is full of beauty, style and comfort, with these lovely dresses and dungarees for girls up to 4 years old.

  • Turquoise blue checked dresses with a knitted bodysuit and bow combined.

The Vichy fabric has much to say in these perfect designs that combine the check print with lace edging and satin bows, to create a unique romantic country cut.

  • Vichy dungarees with lace edging. Girls look adorable in these marvellous check dungarees with lace edging. They are so cute with the bodysuit style shorts that are an absolute must-have.

Pretty hair accessory

Matching colour Vichy check bandana. The line of Juliana accessories includes a pretty bandana to give your little girl the very famous romantic look of the Juliana designs, inspired by the 50s and the 60s. An ideal accessory!

Boys that set the trends

  • Bodysuit outfit with a knitted jumper and a big star in the centre. The boys set the trends with turquoise blue check springtime outfits, a happy and light design to enjoy at all times. Classic fashion for the little boys of today.

Can you imagine all the little brothers and sisters in their matching Vichy check outfits? That would definitely be a photograph for the family photo album.

The most blissful baby clothes

The sweetest babies wear cheerful coloured delicate clothes. For newborns, the Ipanema Collection has the softest models, made in beautiful knitted fabric and lovely lace.

  • Turquoise blue knit jumper with a big heart in the centre

This exquisite bodysuit rounds off the dream-like look that we all want for our babies. A sleeveless outfit with two enormous Vichy check bows in turquoise.

  • Dress or bodysuit with a knitted collar in turquoise blue

Both the little dress and the baby bodysuit have Vichy check fabric on the bottom part and a wonderful turquoise blue knitted collar. An elegant fashionable outfit so that your baby looks sumptuous on any occasion.

Get your baby’s wardrobe ready to welcome the spring and the summer with open arms.

Other styles in checks from the new collection We Love Summer! by Juliana

The amount of surprises that you can find in our new spring/summer 23 fashion!

If you like checks, you will also love the Marina Collection and its designs created on spectacular large checked fabric that combines white with yellow or sky blue. A dream-like collection to enjoy the outdoors.

Can’t wait for spring to show off so much beauty!

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