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The most chic baby bodysuits of the summer

the most chic baby bodysuits of the summer

The most chic baby bodysuits of the summer come hand in hand with the new collection We Love Summer by Juliana. The baby bodysuits are versatile and very comfortable outfits that are essential during the forthcoming months of heat.

Babies will feel nice and cool in their bodysuits

The baby bodysuits are designed to keep newborns nice and cool at this time of the year, thanks to their sleeveless design without legs. They are made with light and breathable fabrics so that babies don’t get hot and sweat too much.

Baby bodysuits with very chic fun-filled pufferfish prints

The Aitu Collection has different baby bodysuits with lovely pufferfish as the main feature. The bodysuit with the aqua green knitted fabric jumper decorated with an amusing pufferfish in the centre and the culottes made in pufferfish print fabric that combines aqua green, pink and orange tones on a white background, which creates a super cute outfit.

Another very chic bodysuit with pufferfish!

The second bodysuit of this summer collection is made in fabric with green frills on the sleeves and on the bottom of the little skirt. It comes with wonderful aqua green culottes that enhance this collection that is full of unique and very chic pufferfish.

An outfit that makes nappy changing easy

The baby bodysuits are very practical to change nappies anywhere, without having to worry about taking off pants or babygrows and then having to put them back on again. Simply, undo the buttons on the bottom and change the nappy.

More comfortable impossible!

As it is a loose fitting outfit, it doesn’t chafe or rub the baby’s skin. There aren’t any buttons or zips on the back either, so there is nothing to cause discomfort when the baby is lying down or sitting up.

Flower bodysuit in an intense colour

The gorgeous pink colour of the Algarve Collection unfolds in endless wonderful enormous pink flowers and green leaves, which create a dream-like print that has the romantic air that distinguishes the Juliana designs.

The Algarve Collection has various baby bodysuits to choose from in the most chic Juliana summer


  • Knitted bodysuit with a pink bow. The top part of this beauty is made in fuchsia pink knitted fabric with a large bow in the centre that is made in the same floral fabric as the culottes. It is also available with the top part in white knitted fabric, with a large floral bow in the centre.
  • Floral bodysuit outfit. A romantic look for girls. The top part with a little skirt and the culottes are made in the same printed fabric that distinguishes the Algarve Collection. An incredible floral dream pink to wear on summer evenings, decorated with a delicate satin pink bow that is like a brooch.

The most chic summer colours and designs of baby bodysuits

The baby bodysuits from the collection We Love Summer by Juliana can be worn on any occasion, from a casual outing in the morning to a more festive occasion in the afternoon, like a birthday, a party, a boat trip…

Enjoy the most chic bodysuits of the summer. An excellent option for children aged 0 to 4 years old in the hot summer months.