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The coolest look of the summer for babies

summer look for babies

The Juliana summer look for babies comes with airs of the Southern seas. Original sailor styles, bright colours and light clothes ready to enjoy the hottest and happiest time of the year.

The South Collection for newborns, knitwear made in a stunning turquoise blue, which will grab everyone’s attention when you take your baby on your summertime strolls.

First outfits with a summer look for babies

Your newborn’s first summer will be something you never forget. The thick textiles of the winter are transformed into lighter fabrics. The concern of keeping your baby nice and warm becomes constant care to keep them cool and protected from the rays of the sun.

But undoubtedly the best summer clothes for babies are the new colours from the Collection We Love Summer! Forget about the dark and serious winter tones. The new spring summer Juliana collections come in a wide range of vibrant colours that will fill the streets with happiness during this long relaxing period of the year.

The coolest outfits that babies must wear

In the hot season, it is a good idea to put newborn babies in basic clothing that is stylish, comfortable and provides protection. In summer, fewer layers are used, and it will be much easier and faster to dress your newborn.

The South Collection, a beauty worthy of the most illustrious cabin boys of the Caribbean

The sailor line of this collection focuses on the design of two jumpers with turquoise blue horizontal stripes combined with white stripes of the same thickness. A lovely cabin boy look for your baby!

These wonderful striped knitted jumpers are available with short or long sleeves, so that you can dress your baby according to the weather and the intensity of the sun.

Do you prefer a bodysuit or a two piece babygrow? Choose the outfit that you like the most. The South Collection has either the whole bodysuit option or the two piece babygrow with leggings option, which are both made in a delicate plain knit, in the same turquoise blue colour as the striped jumpers.

Gorgeous turquoise blue knit dungarees

The South Collection of the summer includes outfits with side buttons, which make it easier to change nappies, such as the fabulous knitted dungarees from the Juliana South Collection.

The pattern of these dungarees is very easy to use, they will make your summer outings much easier, and your baby will look so cute! Combine them with a white T-shirt and get the coolest sailor summer look.

Accessories for the coolest look

The South Collection includes two essential accessories for the summer.

  • Turquoise knitted shawl

A thin and light blanket to protect babies while they are in their pram or stroller.

· Turquoise knitted bonnet

Stop your baby being directly exposed to the rays of the sun and keep them protected and comfortable in this lovely light knitted bonnet.

The colour of an incredible sea in the Juliana summer fashion

The intensity of the turquoise blue, which is so typical of the Southern Seas, is ideal for your baby’s first summer outfits. The shining colour of the Caribbean water conveys calmness and peace. It is a colour that everyone loves, it is very practical and it goes perfectly with other summer colours such as white and yellow.

The coolest summer look of Juliana children’s clothes is spectacular!

Turn your baby into a cabin boy who sails on the Caribbean Sea and enjoy the happiness that this impressive colour conveys.

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