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Clothes for ring bearers at wedding ceremonies


Clothes for ring bearers at wedding ceremonies this season make all the difference. We have launched a classic collection, which has been revamped with the distinct style of Juliana.

The incredible dresses for girls and the original matching outfits for boys with a more natural and romantic touch will set the standard this year for ring bearer and wedding ceremony clothes from other brands.

How to dress children properly to be ring bearers at wedding ceremonies

The ring bearers have a very special job at weddings. They have to give the bride and the groom the wedding rings or the coins that they will offer each other during the ceremony as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Their mission is to take these very important objects in a wedding procession made up of a group of girls and boys, to the altar of the church or the dais if it is a civil wedding.

3 valuable tips on how to choose children’s clothes for the wedding ceremony

It is very easy to learn how to dress girls and boys properly for this occasion. You just have to bear three important factors in mind.

  1. The look. They must look elegant, but in line with the spontaneity of their age. Try to get the children involved in choosing the colours or any of the accessories so that they feel confident when it comes to taking the leading role on that special day, as well as being proud of how they look and their ring bearer outfit.
  1. The design. Use clothes with a good cut. It is essential that girls and boys feel comfortable and can move around properly, with freedom, hassle-free. Do not overload them with lots of trim and flowers. A tiny detail is enough.
  1. The temperature and the climate. Make sure that all the garments are suitable for the place and the time of year when the ceremony is held, so that your children are not hot or cold during the crucial moment of carrying the rings up the aisle.

I do! Say yes, I do to the romantic style of Juliana

Having taken into account these simple tips, now you can choose the models that you like the most from our new Collection We Love Summer! Our new collections are full of refined elegant fashion, which is perfect for ring bearers and for all kinds of ceremonies.

White to dress the children in at weddings

They say that only the bride should be dressed in white at a wedding. However, the procession of ring bearers can match the excitement of the moment with their combined, elegant outfits in white, the main colour of the bride’s dress.

The Bonita Collection is a very tender and distinguished line, perfect to take the leading role on the way up the aisle.

The white and the lovely aqua green colour fill this stunning collection. Imagine the procession of girls and boys wearing wonderful matching white and aqua green outfits.

For Girls · White dress with a knit collar in aqua green.

A simple dress, with a full skirt that starts at the chest, a collar embroidered in aqua green and another white frilly collar on top that enhances the whole outfit.

For boys · Bodysuit with an aqua green knit collar

The bodysuit for boys has identical features as the dress but with a bodysuit closure.

The Bonita Collection rounds off the wedding look with an aqua green cardigan, which can be worn by girls and boys.

Elegant girls and boys with the romantic collections from Juliana

The romantic vintage style of the Juliana fashion is ideal so that the girls and boys are smart, comfortable and match the exciting atmosphere of the moment.

Say, I do! to the romantic Juliana fashion.

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