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Dressing all siblings to match is a tradition that no mother can resist. Looking at their matching outfits and discovering the harmony of shapes and colours gives you that wonderful feeling of having formed a family.

Siblings in matching outfits become a team ready for anything.

Peanut Collection for boys and girls

Juliana’s Peanut Collection is designed so that siblings can dress to match, yet each can individually enjoy specific fashion designs designed especially for girls and boys.

This beautiful collection, ready to face the cold of autumn and winter, is very traditional in its choice of pink and blue colours, but totally breaks away from the classic lines when you look at its original prints and details.

Original balloon prints

The Peanuts collection features three main pieces that combine a knitted top and a printed fabric bottom. The fabric is filled with amazing vintage hot air balloons. A very aesthetic element that conveys the usual elegance of Juliana’s designs and also incorporates a unique touch of sweetness.

All siblings can have fun and let their imaginations run wild with the beautiful balloons in grey, blue and pink colours of their matching outfits.

Fun white pom-poms on each outfit

All the clothes in the Peanut collection are dotted with fun pompoms sewn onto the fabric. Jumpers, rompers, skirt outfits… even booties are stylishly adorned with huge white pompoms!

Matching hats and scarves with big fur pompoms

This collection has a lot of tenderness in all its elements. The knitted hats, also available in blue and pink, feature a pom-pom in shades of brown, which is very cute and warm. Boys and girls will be able to enjoy the outdoors with their matching hats, matching their restless spirit.

The blue pom-pom hat has a built-in scarf. This novelty design adds two knitted strips as a scarf. A great idea that allows kids to untie the scarf, while you make sure it doesn’t get left behind at the playground.


Blue and pink, classic colours with a twist

Indigo blue for kids

The indigo blue of the Peanut Collection is a very cheerful and original colour. In this unique shade of children’s clothing you can find a froggy set with a stunning knitted jumper. The front of the jumper features a large antique knitted hot air balloon. A beautifully functional garment with a matching froggie.

The romper in this collection is a one-piece and combines the indigo blue knitted jumper with a bottom that sits above baby’s waist. A pom-pom turns this romper into a fun outfit. A comfy design with an opening for easy nappy changing.

Pale pink for baby girls

A very soft and cuddly shade of pink takes care of the baby girls’ pieces. The little dress with knitted body and ruffled fabric skirt in pale pink is very feminine, ideal for the little princesses of the house who will be happy with the funny white pompom and the long socks with pink satin bows.

Juliana, fashion for brothers and sisters

Juliana designs its fashion collections so that all the siblings in the family can dress to match. No matter their age, all the collections are made so that boys and girls from zero to four years old can enjoy a comfortable, functional outfit, ready to wear in any occasion.

Enjoy the beautiful sight of seeing all siblings dressed to match in any one of our boys’ and girls’ clothing collections.