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Newborn baby clothes: Nerja

newborn baby clothes

The Nerja Collection: Juliana’s newborn baby clothing captures the essence of a nighttime embrace, promising sweet dreams and joyful mornings. It consists of garments such as rompers, leotard and panty sets, and blankets, all in a palette of aqua green, offering comfort and softness for newborns.

La Primera Caricia: clothing for newborn babies

Imagine your baby’s first days wrapped in the softness of knitwear, in shades that recall the tranquility of the sea. The Nerja Collection is that first tender embrace, a series of garments designed exclusively to welcome newborns into a world of comfort and love.

Inspiration Between Waves: The Essence of Nerja

Inspired by the tranquil aqua green tones of the Costa del Sol, the Nerja Collection brings to life the serenity and beauty of its landscapes. Each garment is a poem dedicated to the new life, offering not only style, but also the care that every newborn deserves.

A Fabric of Dreams: Our Materials in Newborn Baby Clothes

In the choice of materials, we prioritized softness and safety, selecting the knit that hugs your baby’s delicate skin without restrictions. The Nerja Collection newborn baby clothing becomes synonymous with quality and comfort, where every thread is designed to protect and pamper.

Designed for the Sweetest Moments

From the rompers to the blankets, each element of this Nerja Mini Collection is an invitation to enjoy the most tender moments with your baby. Practical and comfortable designs, perfect for first walks, memorable photo shoots and peaceful naps.

Celebrate Every Moment

Choosing the Nerja Mini Collection means deciding to wrap your baby in a blanket of love from day one. It is a promise of unforgettable moments, a celebration of the new life that begins with the best clothes.

Join the Nerja Family

We invite you to be part of this story of love and care. Discover the full range on our website and let the Nerja Collection be the first gift you give your baby, a gift that speaks of love, protection and unparalleled style.