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New Spring Summer Children’s Collection “Adventures at Sea”.

Adventures at sea

The arrival of Juliana’s new Spring Summer Kids 24 collection, entitled “Adventures in the Sea”, marks a new chapter in our children’s fashion history. Inspired by the blue immensity of the Mediterranean Sea and the picturesque beauty of the coastal villages of the Valencian Community, we weave a spring and summer dream that promises to spark the imagination of children and parents alike. With more than five decades dressing the little ones, Juliana embarks on this season with a proposal that fuses tradition and avant-garde, nature and design.

Mediterranean Inspiration for Little Adventurers

The Mediterranean Sea, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, invites us to dive into its crystalline waters and explore its coasts full of history. “Adventures at Sea” is a tribute to this nearby paradise, which with its coastal villages, offers us an idyllic setting for our collection. Each piece reflects the serene blue of the sea, the golden sunsets and the rich palette of colors that only the Mediterranean can offer.

New spring summer collection for children 24

Our collection is distinguished by its diversity, presenting a series of mini-collections that capture the essence of summer adventure. From lightweight outfits perfect for a sunny day to ensembles ideal for afternoon breezes, each garment is a promise of comfort, style and quality.

Colors and Patterns that Tell Stories

The color palette embraces hues ranging from deep navy blue to soft turquoise, complemented by touches of vibrant coral, soft sand or classic reds and blues. The prints, full of life, bring to the marine scene with flora and fauna, as well as designs inspired by the architecture and culture of coastal towns, such as the redesigned Vichy squares, inviting children to wear stories.

Highlights of the “Adventures at Sea” Collection

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Juliana prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and quality. We use eco-friendly fabrics and environmentally friendly processes, ensuring that each garment is not only durable and comfortable, but also conscious of our planet.

Designs Designed for Comfort and Fun

We understand the importance of play and exploration in child development. That’s why our designs offer the freedom children need to live their adventures, while maintaining an unmistakable style and comfort that only Juliana knows how to provide.

Expanding Horizons: Up to 6 Years

A Collection for Every Stage

Juliana celebrates growth by extending its collection up to size 6 years in some of its proposals. Now, children up to 6 years old and babies can enjoy our fashion, which accompanies each step of their childhood with garments designed for each moment of their development.

Variety and Coordinated Accessories

Our new line not only offers a wide range of garments, from soft blankets to stylish knitwear, but also a selection of accessories designed to complement every look. This integration ensures that siblings of different ages can share a unique style, creating unforgettable family memories.


“Adventures at Sea” is an invitation to live spring and summer with the freshness and charm that characterize Juliana. This collection is a celebration of life, nature and the joy of growing up. We invite you to discover our new collection, where each garment is an adventure waiting to be lived.

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