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Jávea Children’s Collection. A Vibrant Summer

children's collection Jávea

The Jávea children’s collection reminds us that as the days get longer and the sun begins to warm up the atmosphere, it is the perfect time to renew the closet of the little ones with garments that reflect the energy and enthusiasm of the season. At Juliana, we celebrate the arrival of summer with our Jávea Collection, a vibrant and colorful line that combines the traditional charm of vichy checks with the bold vitality of red.

An ideal collection for children from 0 to 4 years old, this collection is designed not only to capture the essence of summer, but also to accompany children on every adventure in style and comfort.

With this spirit in mind, dive into our collection, where each piece tells a story of freshness, fun and enduring style, perfectly suited to the joie de vivre of childhood.

Vichy Plaids and Red Energy: The Perfect Combination for the Jávea Children’s Collection

Summer is synonymous with fun and energy, and our Jávea Children’s Collection is designed to capture just that.

Inspired by timeless classics and revitalized with a modern twist, this collection brings vichy checks and vibrant red front and center, perfect for a summer full of outdoor activities and play.

The Charm of the Vichy Picture in Children’s Fashion

Vichy checks are a perennial favorite in children’s fashion, and for good reason. They are versatile, stylish and evoke an air of simpler, purer times, ideal for summer days.

In the Jávea Collection, we use this print in several of our key pieces, such as the vichy pants and white shirt set (code 240768), and the vichy pants and red shirt set (code 241939), offering looks that are both classic and fresh.

The Power of Red for Active Days

Red is the color of energy and passion, and we have incorporated it into our collection to convey strength and vitality. Pieces like the dress and panties (code 24123), and the shirt and pants (code 24185) are not only bright and cheerful, but are also designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of an active child, ensuring they look impeccable no matter the level of play.

Complementing Accessories

We could not forget the details that complete each outfit. The scarf (code 24241) is a charming accessory that adds a touch of sophistication and cohesion to outfits, perfect for balancing the boldness of red and the softness of vichy.

Collection Designed for Comfort and Style

At Juliana, each garment of the Jávea Collection is made with comfort and freedom of movement in mind. We use high quality fabrics that are soft to the touch and resistant to children’s daily adventures.

We want the little ones to not only look good, but also feel good as they explore and play.

Dive into the Jávea Collection

We invite you to discover the Jávea Collection on our website and choose the perfect outfit for this summer. Let your children enjoy the season with style, comfort and a touch of rejuvenated tradition, inspired by this traditional fishing village called Jávea, located on the Spanish coast of Alicante.

Visit our website,, and explore a collection designed to make every summer day a vibrant and colorful celebration.