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Headbands, a touch of elegance


Headbands add a touch of elegance to Juliana’s summer outfits. Girls love to wear their hair down and a headband is an original way to keep their hair looking neat and tidy.

All the summer collections in our We Love Summer! catalogue include headbands to match the beautiful dresses and outfits – add a touch of elegance to your daughter’s look with our hair accessories!

Complete a divine look with a stylish headband

At Juliana we know that headbands with flowers and bows or cute little headscarves are the most sought-after accessories for the cutest little girls. That’s why all our lines feature this pretty accessory made in the same fabric that is the star of each collection, so that our little princesses will never want for anything!

The trendiest children’s fashion with an adorable flower headband

In fuchsia pink, navy blue or a stunning coral orange, the headbands of the Algarve, Llevant and Bora collections feature a huge flower on the fabric to match the summer dress or outfit.

The flower headbands are spectacular and adorn the little girls’ faces while keeping their hair tucked in. A unique frame that enhances the little girls’ expressiveness.

The fashion accessory that combines comfort and style

The latest hairstyling trends have brought long hair back into fashion for all ages. Girls want to have the same style as their mothers and ask to wear their hair down, which is not always easy for those with more unruly hair.

With a headband, girls will never be disheveled

With a well-placed headband, the tresses are prevented from falling over the forehead and eyes, allowing little girls to enjoy the summer without discomfort. The easy to attach accessory means that no matter how small they are, they are able to put them on and adjust them themselves to keep their precious hair well groomed.

Discover the elegance and ease of use of Juliana headbands.

Clear faces with bow headbands

A matching bow tiara brings out the charm of party dresses. This summer’s most romantic collections, Curacao or Matira, include these traditional hair ornaments with a beautiful satin bow, but in very different styles.

The chic personality of the Matira Collection allows us to adorn the headbands with a large satin bow in pale pink, which falls gracefully on one side of the head. This unique design provides a distinctly romantic look that is sure to be elegant and distinguished for any occasion.

Try placing the large bow of the headband on the side that suits your daughter best and enjoy Juliana’s romantic look!

A perfect accessory for the most sophisticated events and celebrations this summer.

In the Curacao Collection, the elegant and soft turtle print looks great on the headband. The delicate light yellow or pale pink colours of the small bow, matching with the ornaments of the dress, give an unparalleled romantic air to the different outfits of the collection.

Discover Juliana’s chicest accessories

Juliana headbands are the chicest accessory for straight or curly hair. Long, mid-length or even short hair, girls can wear a headband to embellish the beautiful dress even more.

With a headband you will notice the difference. Check out the touch of elegance that Juliana headbands and headbands bring to girls’ outfits for special occasions.

They will become the queens of the party!