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Freshness in shades of green

Freshness in shades of green

Today at Juliana, we want to dive into the wonderful world of colours. Specifically, the freshness in shades of green. We want to highlight three tones that have made our collections shine: the turquoise green of our Aitu collection, the green lake of the Bonita collection and the aqua green of the Migjorn collection.

The charm of turquoise green: Aitu Collection

Turquoise green is a vibrant and energetic colour, perfect for reflecting the joy and liveliness of our little ones. In our Aitu collection, this tone becomes the protagonist, bringing an unequalled touch of freshness to each garment.

Pleasant and original: Turquoise green in children’s fashion

Turquoise green is a colour that is pleasing to the eye and very original in children’s fashion. Its intensity makes it ideal for summer, standing out from the crowd and capturing the sunlight in a unique way.


Dive into the green lake: Bonita Collection

In our Bonita Collection, we have opted for a softer and more relaxing tone: green lake. This colour evokes the tranquillity of nature, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for days of rest: Bonita Collection.

Lago verde: An oasis of calm in children’s fashion

Lake green is a suitable shade for children and babies, thanks to its softness and its ability to convey calmness. It is a versatile colour that combines perfectly with other shades, bringing balance and harmony to every outfit.



Refresh yourself with green water: Migjorn Collection

Last but not least is the aqua green from our Migjorn collection. This colour, as refreshing as its name suggests, is the perfect choice for hot days, it needs a breath of fresh air to every look.

Water green: The breeze from the bar at the children’s wedding

Aqua green is like having a little piece of the sea in your little ones’ wardrobe. This colour, so light and refreshing, is ideal for summer, bringing a maritime touch to every garment, and inviting you to dream of days at the beach and fun.



Freshness in in shades of green: stylish and colourful trends

At Juliana Vistiendo Bebés, we love children’s fashion and that’s why we are dedicated to playing with colours and creating trends full of style and colour. We believe in diversity and originality, and we work to offer clothes that reflect each child’s unique personality. Discover our collections and fall in love with our special shades of green!