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These provisions regulate the use of the service of the website (which the business VISTIENDO BEBES S.L.) makes available to Internet users. VISTIENDO BEBES is a merchant of Spanish nationality, domiciled in C / Cervantes 115, (46620) Ayora (Valencia); with a corporate purpose the manufacture and sale of all types of garments and textile accessories. For any communication you can contact us by phone: (+34) 962 19 17 86, or by email: Access to the website is free except for the cost of the connection through the telecommunications network provided by the access provider contracted by the users. The Web has restricted areas for the exclusive use of distributors. Only registered distributors will have access to this area of ​​the Web. The use of distributor attributes the condition of distributor and implies the acceptance of all the conditions included in the “Privacy Policy” that is in force at this address.


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In the same sense, the domain name and all those that serve to access directly or indirectly to this official site are the exclusive property of VISTIENDO BEBES S.L. The improper use of the same in the economic traffic would imply a violation of the rights conferred by its registration and will be pursued by the means provided by the Law.


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In general, access and use of this website does not require prior registration or registration of users. However, and exceptionally, access to certain services is subject to the registration of the user in the databases of VISTIENDO BEBES SL In these cases, the personal data provided as a result of the use of the website will be subject to treatment by the same, under the conditions and terms specified in clause 5 of these Conditions of Use.
The use of the official site of VISTIENDO BEBES S.L. must be carried out as established in these Conditions, as well as in the applicable legal provisions, the requirements of the moral, uses and customs,