Limón children’s clothing collection

colección ropa de niños limón

Lemon Collection

The essence of the Mediterranean Sea, the citric aroma of our land and our family origins, both mixed on the amazing children´s collection called Limón.

Limón is a fashion children´s collection that inspires the most authentic things from our land. Mediterranean nature full of beauty and scents.


J5186 Dungarees

J5041 Sweater set+Wool hat

J5076 Two piece set+Wool hat

J5198 Top

J5004 Shawl

J5218 Booties

J5117 Ruffled dress

J5159 Babygro

J5104 Two piece set sleeveless

J5068 Two piece set

J5219 Booties

J5137 Dress

J5230 Hairband

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