Delfin children’s clothing collection

colección ropa infantil delfín

Dolphin Collection

Dolphins are cute, funny and playful that is why this collection is inspired on these such adorable aquatic mammals.

Knitted pieces in blue sea and white are part of this summer children´s collection.


 J5037 White Sweater set +Wool hat

J5085 Two piece set

J5008 Shawl

J5092 Two piece set with lace

J5056 Sweater set with lace at waist + Wool hat

J5219 Booties

J5054 Sweater set with lace on the neck+Wool hat

J 5082 Two piece set

J5219 Booties

J5058 Star Sweater set + Wool hat

J5188 Dungarees

J5219 Booties

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